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Deepsink Digital LLC is proud to be the  provider of  Trance, Progressive Trance, Tech Trance, House, Progressive House, and Electro House to the general EDM culture. We  are a premier Christian run exclusive EDM Record Label. We believe that the one and only true living God gives us the passion to provide quality Electronic Dance Music to the world. Our producers are high quality music masters, who strive to put out consistent winning tracks and releases.  If the best in clean professional Electronic Dance Music is what you’re after, then you’ve arrived at the one place that can deliver it.

Crank up the volume, turn up the bass, and get ready for the grooves that blow you away. This is Deepsink Digital, and we mean business.


Deepsink Digital LLC With Ceo/President (Karl Forde) Sr.Vice President/Artists Promotions Director (Tim Thomson) General Mgr. 

Digital Mastering By (Deepsink Digital). Artists ONLY….

We Will Be Bringing You Some Of The Worlds Most Talented Artists And Producers. Be On The Look Out For More From Deepsink DigitaL LLC….


If you are an artists looking for a dependable record label, please submit your demo today. We are always looking for new and upcoming producers. Please press the contact button to submit your demo...




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