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Nikos Geladis
Nikos Geladis is a Trance, House & EDM Music Producer from United Kingdom.

He studied music from the age of 8 and finished piano school. The main style of music is Trance, also he likes to experiment in music. Nikos Geladis released music under other names but currently he produces music under the name Nikos Geladis. Also Nikos Geladis caricature artist.
I have been always fond of music, always wondered how do these guys make that stuff and always wanted to make my version of trance music.
I had lots of help during my music production journey, I would say the one who made the most impact initials are O.D, this is just a personal thank you for all the help he had given me.
Yered Ponce & Sergio SO
My tastes and beginnings were the trance, but I always worked at the genres of Techno and House. And until one day I met Sergio So and we planned to work on a more melodic and hypnotic subject, with deep atmospheres and industrial-style ornaments. We used our creativity and we came up and we thought we'd put a title and we felt in one night to put the name of the prophet Hageo because his translation is “Celebration “ and also the importance of rebuilding and calling the people.
Paulo Gomes
Hi, I always had interest in dance music since I was a teenager loving the stuff that was coming out in the 90’s and that led me to decide to learn and become around the year 1999.
At that time trance music was really taking the world of music and I was loving it. Around 10 years after I was really interested in becoming a producer of dance music and started to learn music theory and got myself some equipment and a industry standard DAW to start my productions.
Dizzy Pordovic
Dizzy pordovic is one of the big lovers to trance music, he grew up listening to big names in Trance and he felt that trance representing him as a person, from the moment he loved trance the passion of being a producer and dj never been stopped ,now Dizzy Pordovic is challenging to be the best version he can as an artist by working on projects also doing good mixes.
Mia Kay-Lynn
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DJ Kirk
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Ryad Labadi
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Karl Forde
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Sonar Zone
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Rodolfo Schiavi
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Victor Special
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Coke Montilla
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Rezwan Khan
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Amir Ashaeri
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Imarek Logo
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Pablo Ju
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Yuri Yavorovskiy
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