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My stage name is “DiCube”, my real name is Diego Pineda, I’m from Guatemala, Mexico. I’m 17 years old, and started Dj-ing and producing when I was 15. I’ve always loved music, and started playing guitar when I was 13.  When I opened my mind to more music, I discovered Electronic Dance Music. I instantly felt a connection with that genre of music, so I decided to start producing my own songs.  I’ve been producing and dj-ing for over a year now and have played in a festival here in my hometown and in some night clubs. I first heard some of Avicii’s style and that’s what really got me into the music because I like a lot the melodic music. Then I started searching more artists and then that where I discovered Hardwell, Tiesto, Blasterjaxx, etc. I attended production and dj classes here in my country at the Academy BPM Production School. There I learned how to dj and produce. My mentors are Roberto Ruano, Pablo De La Roca, Pako Rodriguez and Antonio Ponce. Now I’m making my own style of music and transmitting my own feelings in my music. 



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