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Frequent Flyer Miles

I grew up in a small city, with a small downtown. But I had big hopes and dreams and I never knew what my hopes and dreams where of .  I knew I had them. Joining the dance music scene, just fit, like it was what my hopes and dreams where all along.  I just had to find it. The start of everything was very slow and it started with doing some collaborating work with some locals, who I did a remix for, and actually gained massive support from international DJs and some radio exposure. It was the first breakthrough, called "Wayward Love". Thereafter, is a small discography of working with other artist from around the country and producing uplifting melodies that have received the attention from the likes of producers like Daniel Kandi, and Steve Anderson. After that I was asked by a hit interviewing website if they can do a documentary. I had no idea how big the website was, but "Frequent Flyer Miles" got the spotlight for a week on the home page, and had  prime interview spots with the likes of DJ Dan, Morgan Page and even cascade. The journey has just begun and there is so much more to fulfill.  So much more to happen. I'm just letting it unfold.

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