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My name is Dj/Producer Wilver Antonio Gonzalez Guzman, a native of Guatemala for over 21 years. My love for music started at an early age. I have  had a passion to create a band or be part of one since early on... However,  by coincidences of life, that failed by the age of  14, I discovered  Electronic Dance Music. The first sounds,  I heard were based on Trance and Techno.  At first, my musical taste widen to know 15 more genres styles. The ability to get to know more producers was where my taste for Electronic Dance Music grew wider.

Between the age of 17 through 19, I met a DJ in the local scene who taught me to mix on turntables and be a better Dj. Due to the demand for Dj's and producers in my country, I started my way through my first musical production of Progressive Trance. Here I am today Dj/Producer of the best Trance/ Progressive music.




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