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Rischaad, is the pseudonym of Rich Stophel, an American DJ & Producer. Rischaad’s musical style is characterized by his incorporation of the more cinematic style and left field aspects of his musical background into his club-based material. His production, remix, and DJ repertoire are inspired by elements of Trance, House, Break Beats, & Drum & Bass styles.

In 2012 Rischaad remixed Makari’s Impulsive Precision for Deepsink Digital, followed by his own Special Blend and Coded EP’s.

In 2013 he released the Salva EP on the same label. In 2014 Rischaad apeared on Electronic Architecture 3 mixed by legend Solarstone.Richaad played at the Moonshine and Syncronicity festivals, in the same year, alongside artists such as Legion, Odi, and Mindelixer as well as opening for Mistanoize at In Too Deep in Atlanta.

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