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Thank you for participating in Deepsink Digital Remixes! We strive to provide top quality remixes for our artists. Enjoy!

Terms and Conditions for Remixes Provided by Deepsink Digital LLC.

a. all rights in and to any Remixes of the original sound recording of the Tracks (“Masters”) created by You shall vest in and be owned by Deepsink Digital. This means we shall be entitled at all times to the sole right of production, reproduction, exploitation and sale in any media and in any form,

b. to the extent necessary, and with full title guarantee You hereby assign all rights and interests in and to the Remixes whether present or future to Us absolutely through the world for the full period of copyright therein and all renewals and extensions thereof (insofar as is permissible by law) in perpetuity.

c. You understand that Your Remix does not entitle you to any rights in respect of the underlying composition of the Tracks,

d. You will not use any illegal (i.e.uncleared) samples in the Remixes. This means no sampling of copyright recordings and no re-playing of copyright compositions (melody/lyrics),

e. the Remix shall not be obscene, defamatory, libellous, threatening, harassing, hateful or violate any law,

f. You will not use or distribute the Stems or Remixes or Album for any purpose other than to create the Remix,

g. You participate in the Remix at Your own risk and agree to indemnify Us and our subsidiaries against all costs, claims, damages and liabilities arising from your own actions in any way in connection with the Remix or a breach of your obligations,

h. You are over 13 years old.

i. We shall have no obligation to accept, post or otherwise use Your Remixes.

j. You will not make public any part or the entire remix unless given direct permission from Deepsink Digital.

k. If chosen for release you will be provided royalty compensation and will sign a contract with Deepsink Digital stating specific terms for payment and release.

l. These Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with Illinois State Law.

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