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Jeroen was bornj in 1988 in a small town near Rotterdam - The Netherlands. 

He was raised with alarge variety of music. At a young age he discovered the magic of electronic music and started to collect as many dance music tapes as possible.

At the age of 18, he started DJing as a hardcore DJ with gigs in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

Besides the darker side of music he played ad a DJ, he never lost his love for trance music, and in 2013 he decided to start producing uplifiting trance. 

With the support of his wife Joann, inspiration came quickly and ideas became melodies very fast. 

Joann often said every track got better and better and she loved the unique sounds. 

In 2014 after a tragic accident, Joann passed away and Jeroen decided to dedicate his music in memory of Joann.

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