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Hi there, I’m FEER. My pathway on becoming a music producer can be described as having sheer curiosity, persistence and dedication, as these are the fundamentals, which have always been dear to me. At the same time, I can call myself as a profound music enthusiast, who has been captivated and inspired by the sounds of such acts as a German band Scooter with their great 1996 “Wicked!” album, or melodic progressions that can be found in the work of Paul Van Dyk & Giuseppe Ottaviani’s “Far Away”, and many-many others. Speaking of today, I have generated quite a significant amount of production work, which at this moment cannot but wait to be released, and, most importantly, be accessible to the listeners worldwide. With that in mind and equipped with my favorite Ableton Live DAW, I can only say to you that very clichéd “stay tuned” as I am set for the journey that only music can bring.

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