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My name is Abdelrahman Gamal and I am a student in AAST college studying power engineering . I am 22 years old from Cairo-Egypt. Since I was a child, I always loved listening to music. I started listening to tracks that got played on the radio 7 years ago.  I was a fan of pop music until  a friend of mine made me listen to a track by Armin Van Buuren named Aisha.  Since then, I fell in love with trance music and started listening to a lot of trance stuff. About three years ago, I decided to make my own music.  I started tinkering with FL studio then, I hit a brick wall and decided to quit. A year and a half later, I was introduced to music theory and decided to give it another try.  I routed to Ableton and started teaching my self by watching youtube videos. It took me a year and a half to finally release my track . My Idols are Sebastian brandt , alphie B, Gaia , Andy Blueman and Mike Foyle .

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