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Montañez Yessid a.k.a. "K-priss Deejay" is a Dj and Producer from Bogotá, Columbia. He first fell in love with Electronic Dance Music in 2002, influenced by artists such as Kraftwerk, Erasure, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, The Prodigy, among others. He has taken a course at the Academy of DJS the "DJ COLLEGE SCHOOL" where he learned the basics of EDM production.

By 2003, K-priss thought about how to achieve that sound that he sought after, and decided that his life as a DJ would be more interesting if he could produce professionally.

2007 is the year in which he integrated Drum 'n' Bass. Here, he entered a new facet of his versatile DJ/Producer career. He now recognizes and begins to play with these new sounds, playing at great sites such Bogotá as Bizarro Bar, Unnamed Bar, Chico Mansion , Mansion Donoso, House 33, Pizza Mil, Illegal, Penthouse Club, Barbe Club and many more.

At the time, K-Priss is only one producer of Trance music and Melodic Progressive. He also composes some up lifting, It all depends on the mood he is in. The current sound of K-Priss is a harmonic sound with great force in the bass line, as well as many instruments and progression with a predictable tension concerning the melodies.

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