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Sometimes it's easy to get side tracked with your childhood aspirations.

Not micFreak! He stayed true to his childhood ambitions and pressed his way into music. Mic once strolled down to a variety of music avenues, performing and playing in different pop/rock bands. But his exposure to artists such as Ferry Corsten, Moby, Above and Beyond, Deadmau5, Hardwell, Dj Icey, BT, The Chemical Brothers, Carl Cox, and The Prodigy shifted his desire to embrace and make electronica, in which he now calls the genre "Home". Mic eventually became one of the active 'Mover and Shaker' in the thriving Manila electronic scene before moving to America.


With 15 years experience in the music scene under his belt, along with various band involvement, Mic developed a strong sense of song writing and arranging skills. Driven to put his name out in the dance music circuit, his tracks can be heard all over Soundcloud with beautifully programmed anthems in sub-genres such as Progressive Trance, Electro, Tech House, and all sorts of EDM. His music can be described as deep, driving, uplifting, euphoric, up-to-date and energetic that's primed for the dance floor. Mic likes to fuse squelching synths, drippy arpeggios, throbbing bass lines and super sized beats altogether to create something that's unique to his sound.


By day he is a music teacher in Baltimore City nurturing young talents, and by night produces new music in his home studio using the latest studio and live gear such as Abelton Live, Native Instruments Traktor, Akai APC40, Novation Launch Pad, Novation X-Station and tons of VST'S from Native Instruments, Rob Papen and Synapse. While Mic is a multi-instrumentalist (Loves Guitars and Drums) his main passions are synthesizers, groove boxes, and studio recording softwares. These days you can catch Mic as an accomplished live PA electronic act playing venues in the Baltimore DC, Delaware, Virginia, and New York are featuring his original set of tracks.



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