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Pablo ju

On March 25, 1984, Juan Pablo Gay was born, in Ceres city, province of Santa Fe,  Argentine Republic. He was passionate about music in all his forms, but his weakness was in the Euro dance. From the year 1999 begins to experience in the world of the production of electronic music doing some remixes of songs. Then, in the year 2000, inspired by the ceresino group Ultrarave (Kompressor) produced its first subject: Dancingman. At that time he used his name Dj John Paul. Thus, Dancingman, was part of its first disc: "Virtual Sound", whose production was finalized in that same year. The highlights were the singles "Virtual Sound", "Ferrocarril, code of jump", "Psychotronics" and the aforementioned "Dancingman". The same possessed a techno-hard style, a rhythm that at the time filled his attention. Subsequently, and in 2005, he produced his second album, "Intensive & Interactive", with the same techno-hard style, which included "Preludio Imaginario", "Nitrotechnia Salvaje", "Noche de Tantra", "Xeres".  In 2006/07 he developed his third work, "Ravevolucionario", whose most notable tracks were "Missing (Reloaded 007)" song that belongs to Everything But a Girl, "Pastor Solitario", "Ravevolucionario (Eufonía 01) “Carrozas de Fuego", cover of Vangelis and its first song sung, totally produced, in letter and music, "Sin Ti". In the second half of 2007 and early 2008, he began working on his fourth album, called "Pulso Electrónico", which is the beginning of a trilogy of records, where he builds a direct profile towards trance music. The most prominent of this work were "Donde nace la luz", "Círculos", a reversal of "End Titles" by Vangelis, called on the disc as "Nada que perder" and a remix version of "Space Invaders" group Hit n 'Hide. " In 2008, in his finals, he edited a new work, the second of the trilogy. The album called "Trashumante" sees Pablo Ju directly submerged in the trance, changing of genres (techno to trance). Discovering new sounds and enthusiastic for it, he develops songs like "My nightfall", "Underground dream", "Utopíaz", "Santa Amazonia", "Trashumante" and, in his opinion, the best track on the album "Playa Soledad" until that moment. In his turn, he has three tracks in experimental versions, such as "Do you want my love" by Key Box Project in Electro version, "U make me fell all right" by Amadin in Trance version and, best of the three, Just Be "by TIËSTO, in Hard Rock version. Thus, developing his own style, inspired by different trance producers, and with the particularity of his melodies, in 2010, he launches his work Evolution. This album ends the trilogy, evolving totally to the genre trance, which has excellent sounds, such as "First king", "Step by step", "Tan solo en paz", trance and chill out versions; "Challenge everything", which had fragments of "Canción del Adiós" (Horacio Guaraní), interpreted by "Los Nocheros"; and the best song achieved in all its parameters, "Evolution". In turn, that disc possessed a trance version of "The Scientist", interpreted by Avril Lavigne; and "Fallen" BLANK & JONES (With DELERIUM & RANI), in original version and radio edit. Pablo Ju's next album was "Retorno". Its name was due to the fact that since 2010 it didn’t produce any new songs, until 2013. It featured tracks like “Statu Quo”, “Tríbuno”, “Olvídame”and an excellent single, "Love, Life & Eternity", which represents what for him it means trance as musical genre.  Thus, Pablo Ju returned to the maelstrom of production and in 2016, launched his new work called "Nu9ve" in commemoration of the 9 discs already produced so far. In this work, we highlight tracks such as "Religious", "Nu9ve", the vocal trance "Tu Paz"; "Alter Ego", among others. From the end of 2016 begins a new stage for this producer, with the challenge of being able to launch his tracks through important digital labels. Thus, in November of that year he managed to launch his first track, "Tocando el Cielo", through the label Semitrance Records (Slovakia), a song that was later part of two compilations: "Trance Up In A Dream", label Trance Festival Recordings; and "Back in Trance" by Trance Gold Records. Then came the release of their track "Red & Cold", through the Portuguese label Destinesia Records. In 2017 he signed with Alyf Recordings (Belgium) his tracks "Sabbath" and "Pedro", which will be part of an EP that will release that label in the near future. In the middle of 2017, Pablo Ju begins an ambitious project by the initiative of his great friend, the techno producer Crett-On, with which he forms TE#RA, a duo that combines his tastes by the techno music and the genre trance, dedicated to the fusion of both genders (as much as possible). Thus, in September of that year they managed to launch their first EP, called "Noxious", under the Mexican label Technobeat Recordings, under its label elite Black Ribbon. At the moment, Pablo Ju has the immediate object to be able to launch his new disc, titled "Causalidad", totally inspired in the relation of cause and effect, which indicates the nonexistence of a written destiny in advance, but the construction of the same through the development of our life. “Causalidad”, surely will be the desired disk

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